There are multiple travel options available on base. Every month, Information, Tickets & Travel, Outdoor Recreation and Arts & Crafts Center take trips all over Japan, offering a variety of options for travelers with different interests. However, the scheduled tours might not always be the most convenient option. A desired destination may not be offered, or the date and time are inconvenient. If that happens to be the case, Yujo Community Center and Vehicle Operations can solve the problem.

Nikko Toshogu Shrine.

Yujo front desk offers a variety of maps to the most popular destinations. Maps are provided for train and car travel and include toll and ticket costs. The library of maps is also accessible online at YokotaFSS.com/Yujo. If the desired destination is not among the maps list, Yujo staff can still help plan the route and do the preliminary research.

Vehicle Operations’ tour buses.

For those who plan a trip with a large group or want to drive their friends or relatives around, Vehicle Operations offers great choices of rental options. Depending on the group size and travel plans, here are some of the choices:

Tour Bus – up to 41 passengers, chauffeured service, starting at $57/Hr plus parking fees.
Small Tour Bus – up to 19 passengers, chauffeured service, starting at $43/Hr plus parking fees.
Toyota Van – up to 8 passengers, chauffeured service, starting at $36/Hr plus parking fees.
Pet Van – up to 5 passengers, chauffeured service, starting at $36/Hr plus parking fees.
Nissan Van – up to 8 people, U-Drive service, $75/Day or $450/Week.
Honda Van – up to 7 people, U-Drive service, $75/Day or $450/Week.

Club Members paying with the Club Card or cash can expect to receive a 10% discount. More vehicles and renting guidelines are available online at YokotaFSS.com/Vehicle-Operations.

Some of the small tour buses conveniently come equipped with a table, which is perfect for eating, playing games or enjoying beverages on the go. If choosing between Nissan and Honda U-Drive options, here’s a tip: Nissan is more spacious and has a more powerful engine, which is ideal for ski/snowboarding trips or vacations that require a lot of gear. For a day trip with minimal extra carriage, the Honda is easier to maneuver and great for driving in the tight streets of Japan. Honda also has a hybrid engine that is quieter and consumes less gas.

It is recommended to reserve U-Drive vehicles in advance, as they get booked out very fast, especially during national holidays.

Drive safe and enjoy Japan!

Useful phone numbers:

  • Yujo Community Center – 225-7713
  • Vehicle Operations – 225-7720

Photography credit: Adrian Uribe