Every month, A&FRC offers a variety of fun hands-on courses which cover amazing and unique Japanese traditions, culture and customs. Their culture course and cultural adaption courses are specially designed to help you successfully acclimate to the Japanese culture. Check out the courses below for more information.

Vibrant red wooden pagoda detail in Kyoto, Japan.

Japanese Culture Course
For this biyearly culture course, individuals from the local community serve as mentors for small groups of Yokota community members interested in learning Japan’s rich and diverse customs. Every week will bring an exciting and new Japanese custom to explore. During this 10-week course, acquire the skills necessary to create beautiful Japanese calligraphy, construct cool paper origami figurines, be entertained by taiko drummers, make a traditional Japanese dish, and explore historic Japanese sites! The opportunities to discover and explore Japanese culture are limitless as each group has the opportunity to create its own cultural itinerary.

Japanese Calligraphy

Survival Japanese
This six-session crash course in conversational Japanese will prepare you for off-base encounters with the local Japanese community. Each hour-long session will teach you the basics of the Japanese language. Learn useful words and phrases which will help you navigate as you explore the country.

Japanese Customs & Courtesies
This workshop will help you create a deeper understanding of Japanese manners and prepare you to feel more comfortable while exploring your surroundings off base. This course will cover greetings, how to behave at shrines and temples, basic table manners and more.

Sado (Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony)

Japanese Cooking Class
Improve your culinary skills by attending this monthly cooking class designed to teach you the art of Japanese cuisine. Learn how to make delicious staple dishes including curry and rice, miso soup, yakisoba, sushi and more!

Traditional Japanese curry and rice with beef

Tips for Teaching English
Enrich your life as well as the lives of others by teaching English to the local Japanese community. A&FRC will get you started by giving you the tools and information you will need to teach conversational English. In addition to developing language skills, teaching English is a great way to earn extra income, a wonderful resume builder and an opportunity to meet and befriend local nationals. Don’t miss out on your chance to grow personally and professionally, become an English teacher today!


Contact A&FRC at 225-8725 for more information regarding class dates, times and costs.