Kamakura: A Coastal Relic

Walk along spectacular beaches, shop in trendy boutiques and explore numerous temples and shrines all within one city. Kamakura flaunts some of the best summertime scenes Japan all within a few square miles. Despite its small size — or perhaps with the help of it — Kamakura is vibrant, diverse and the perfect day trip.

Great Buddha

Walk just 10 minutes from Hase Station and observe Kamakura’s most recognizable statue: the regal “Daibutsu,” or Great Buddha. This 93-ton structure has stood solo since 1492 after the temple hall that originally housed it was destroyed by inclement weather — a testament to the Great Buddha’s resilience.

Komachi Street

Ready to return to the bustle of main town? Walk through the city’s shopping center which merges fashionably modern — the cafes and boutiques scream “Tokyo” in style — with old Japanese architecture and culinary tradition. Kamakura is famous for its “shirasu,” or whitebait, dishes. Choose boiled, raw or tempura-fried whitebait served with rice, noodles or pizza. Enjoy on-the-go snacks like purple sweet-potato soft serve and candied beans.

Hokokuji Temple 

Step beyond Hokokuji Temple’s modest main hall and thatched-roof bell tower and find yourself surrounded by thousands of tall bamboo. Sip a cup of matcha as you admire the grove. Visitors of this tea-time haven enjoy a respite from the bustling town center.

Plan Your Trip

ITT offers trips to Kamakura throughout the year. Their next Kamakura trip will take place Saturday, 1 September and sign-ups start 4 August. Planning your own trip? Avoid the crowded trains and costly tolls by renting a car from Vehicle Ops.