Japan’s found a way to combine the love of go-karting and dressing in costume at the ever-popular MariCar Inc. Motor and ComicCon enthusiasts are buzzing with excitement now that they’re able to dress in lively costumes while driving on actual city streets in Go-karts. After all, only in Japan can anyone find themselves dressed as their favorite cartoon character while zipping in-and-out of expressway lanes. Originally established in Tokyo, MariCar Inc. has since expanded its empire to the cities of Osaka and Okinawa due to high demand from both residents and visitors alike. For Tokyo residents, there are several convenient options to choose a starting point: Shinagawa, Shibuya or Akihabara shops. We’d recommend checking their website for an update list of locations for their ever-expanding Go-kart empire.

Shinagawa Location

Each location offers a several different driving courses depending on the customer’s time and budget preferences. From 2-hour to 3-hour sightseeing tours, teamster’s will have an once-in-a-lifetime chance to drive through some of the most prominent spots of Tokyo city. Best part is MariCar’s all about safety so there’s no need to take selfies, instead; the friendly MariCar staff will take group photos at designated rest stops and provide them directly to customers after the tour has ended.

Shot from the top

What makes this experience even more unique, MariCar offers a variety of costumes for customers to use that’s free of charge. Other fun dress-up options that cost a nominal fee include rent LED shoes, Bluetooth speakers and an action camera. Just know that once your group hits the streets, you’ll feel like celebrities with hordes of people wanting to take photos so don’t forget to smile while driving safely!

Shibuya Crossing


Tours are available for booking via Facebook, phone or online registration form. All that’s required is a Japanese, International or SOFA driver’s license/permit.  All MariCar locations have English-speaking staff, so you can comfortably ask questions or make requests.


Tours are conducted daily from 10 a.m.-8 p.m. Day Tours are recommended for beginners to get accustomed to driving both a go-kart and on the opposite side of the road. It’s also a great chance for those who have never been to Tokyo to see notable sights in just a few short hours. MariCar guides will ensure photos are taken at designated rest stops.



Night Tours have a completely different feel and experience compared to Day Tours. Featuring well-appointed Tokyo attractions, drivers get an almost surreal go-kart experience. Don’t miss out on the chance to see Shibuya Crossing or Odaiba’s Rainbow Bridge come to life under Tokyo’s city lights.

Whether night or day, visitors will have an unforgettable adventure with their closest friends and family. Remember, it’s important to use caution and stick with the group. Go-karts are small and can be easily overlooked by large truck drivers. Not to mention, driving downtown Tokyo is not an easy task to begin with so be extra careful and polite to ensure everyone has the best experience.