Craving a beach trip? Dip your toes in the clear blue water of this popular summer destination, just 3.5 hours south of Yokota on the Izu Pennisula. Don’t miss our favorite things to do in this charming seaside town.

Shirahama Jinja Shrine

Visit the oldest shrine on the Izu Penninsula, built directly on the beach. Shirahama is said to bless visitors with success in business and relationships.

Perry Road 

Wind down this serene alley lined with stores and restaurants, situated alongside a small stream which cuts through the center of Shimoda.

Ryugu Park and Sea Cave

Take in the Pacific Ocean view from this cave, created when waves crashed into the rocky side of Shimoda. Walk alongside the top to see the famed heart-shaped hole, a result of erosion that eventually led to the collapse of the cave ceiling. Spend the rest of the day at Ryugu Park’s sandy beach.

Hirizo Beach

Catch a boat to rocky Hirizo Beach, dive into the crystal-clear water and snorkel with an abundance of beautiful fish. Bring your own gear and swim freely as there are no guides at this popular destination.

Note: The only way to get to Hirizo Beach is by boat which is only accessible during the months of July, August and September. Ticket fee is $15 for the day so you can take the boat back and forth as many times as you’d like. There are no facilities on Hirizo Beach so bring plenty of food and supplies. Go early to avoid crowds – the parking lot has been known to get full before 8:30 a.m.

Plan Your Trip

On 2–3 September, ITT will be hosting a two-day trip to Shimoda. Participants will stay at Shimoda Prince Hotel, located right on Shimoda Beach. Sign-ups start 4 August at 10 a.m. – stop by ITT before it’s booked!

Prefer to chart your own course? Rent a van from Vehicle Ops and the expensive highway tolls will be covered.