Every year, hundreds of children and parents gather at the Yume Child Development Center for the annual Spring Fling – hosted by Aneby Trimpark Labo Mizuho. Families experience an afternoon learning about Japanese culture with plenty of fun hands-on activities including Japanese calligraphy, tissue paper art, sushi assembly and more!

Check down below for a few of the exciting activities offered by Aneby Trimpark Labo Mizuho.


Kamifusen & Tissue Paper Art

Kamifusen is a traditional Japanese toy and decoration. “Kami” directly translates to paper while “fusen” means balloon. These colorful self-inflating balloons are perfect for indoor or outdoor summer-time play.

Tissue paper art is also a unique activity where children are encouraged to play freely – throwing pieces of colorful paper in the air and making mini-masterpieces!


Sushi Stand 

Sushi is a staple Japanese dish which is simple in ingredients, yet complex and delicate to make. This sushi stand gives children and parents an opportunity to learn about the art of assembling sushi. With guided assistance from parents, children enhance their cognitive abilities by following instructions for properly constructing sushi.


Shodo – Japanese Calligraphy

Shodo, also known as Japanese calligraphy, is a form of artistic writing which utilizes ink-dipped brushes to create Chinese kanji and Japanese kana characters. This is a fun way for children to learn the Japanese language while also being able to unleash their inner-artist.


Japanese Photo Booth

Children fully immerse themselves into the Japanese culture by fashioning a kids kimono and holding beautifully colored wagasa, or oil-paper umbrellas, embellished with delightful flowers. This is the perfect opportunity for a photo-op that will last a lifetime.


Aneby Trimpark Labo Mizuho is a learning play center which offers a multitude of exciting activities for children. They aim to provide learning opportunities which allow for creativity and challenge kids to think outside-of-the-box.

Visit http://anebytrimpark-labo-m.com/en/ for more information regarding Aneby Trimpark Labo Mizuho.

Address: The Mall Mizuho16 3F 623 Takane Mizuho-cho Nishitama-gun Tokyo-to 190-1203