Japan’s a gorgeous country throughout all four seasons and each season offers a multitude of outdoor and indoor sports. From amazing surf options during the summer and traditional fall festivals packed with delicious food, to spring time hiking with picturesque landscapes. And then there’s the winter season, offering visitors a chance to experience the country’s world-famous snow covered mountains.

ZAO Ski Resort

World-renowned for snow resorts with over 500 to choose from,  skiing and snowboarding in Japan are amongst the most popular activities to do while enjoying the snow-capped mountains and Yokota’s Outdoor Recreation (ODR) has you covered.

For first-timers or for those wanting to get back into winter sports, you can rent all the gear you’ll need to have a great and safe time. ODR offers complete ski or snowboard rental packages for under $40 for an entire day and includes skis or snowboard, boots, helmet, pants, and jacket! Check out the complete rental list here.

ODR has plenty of trips that will take you and your family to these famous snow resorts or, if you want to venture on your own,  open up Google Maps and you’ll find plenty of places to rip up the snowy mountains. Don’t forget to check out our previous blog post about Vehicle Operations if you’re interested in renting an 8-passenger van to take all your friends on a road trip and carry all your gear. EXPLORE JAPAN YOUR WAY!

Hakuba Slopes

There are so many amazing and fun things to check out while you’re here in Japan. Learning a new skill like skiing or snowboard can also be very fulfilling and a great time. For those snow veterans, this is definitely the place to enjoy some of the greatest snow the world has to offer.